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Job search: where can I apply?

When responding to an interesting job offer, it is important to find out about the position before sending a CV and cover letter. Applying for a job is an important step in the job search. Tips for finding a job…

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Increase your chances of getting a job by learning how to properly write a cover letter

If the Curriculum Vitae is an accurate statement that does not require any particular skills to be written, the cover letter requires more writing skills. Here are a few tips that can make all the difference. Importance of the cover…

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Jobs in Analytics and Data Science

Recruiting candidates specialising in the field of data science and analytics should not be done just any old how. You must be objective in your selection, taking into account the real needs of the company. However, using a recruitment company…

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Job search: how to overcome the lack of professional skills for a young graduate?

You are a young graduate and are often among the finalists in the hiring process, yet you can’t win the job? You are wondering how to make up for a young graduate’s lack of professional skills. Know that experience can…

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