What do I have to do to become a social worker?

The social worker, also known as a social work assistant, is a job that requires a taste for contact, knowing how to keep a cool head in difficult situations. The assistant is a patient person who knows how to show…

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Career coaching, career accelerator

Professional coaching is a set of steps aimed at optimizing the productivity and performance of an employee in his activity. In a way, this process allows the worker to advance in his work. During coaching, the employee is led to…

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Renewing your motivation for your career

Although there are many activities to undertake, the personal motivation that drives them cannot necessarily be the same. For example, some people work just to provide the necessary daily income. Others hold theirs, perhaps out of simple passion. In any…

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How do I become a hostess?

In a company, at trade fairs and shows, in a tourist structure or even within an administration, it is common to come across a hostess. Activity for which it is possible to find job offers here, there are many people…

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