How do I become a hostess?

In a company, at trade fairs and shows, in a tourist structure or even within an administration, it is common to come across a hostess. Activity for which it is possible to find job offers here, there are many people who wish to become one. If this is your case, before giving you information on this subject, let's take a moment to explain the functions of such a hostess.

The functions of the hostess

The receptionist is the first contact with the clients or visitors depending on the place where she is called to work. In charge of reception and information, she welcomes, informs and guides them as needed. Being associated with the image of the company or the place, she is supposed to have a good command of what is done there. However, in addition to this essential function, it may be required to perform different tasks depending on the location where it operates. For example, in a company, the hostess in charge of welcoming the public may also act as a switchboard operator and be responsible for checking the identity of visitors. At trade fairs and exhibitions she may be called upon to present one or more products. In tourist establishments, she informs customers about local activities and attractions. Within the administration, for example in a town hall, she will also be called upon to accompany the public in various procedures.

Training to become a flight attendant

There are several private schools that offer training to become a hostess, but there are no specific studies for this profession. Going to a tourism school will give you a better chance to interest a recruiter. Training in hotel management and communication is also suitable and can give access to this profession. At baccalaureate level, the diplomas that are strongly recommended are the professional baccalaureate in hospitality, the professional baccalaureate in services to people and territories, and the professional baccalaureate in management/administration. A complementary mention in reception can also lead to this profession for which, beyond the diplomas, intrinsic qualities are essential.

The qualities required of a stewardess

If it is still possible to become a self-taught host or hostess, it is difficult to attract the attention of a recruiter if he does not detect certain qualities in you. A hostess must have good interpersonal and communication skills. The presentation and elocution in both French and English must be impeccable. Bilingualism for this profession is not an asset, but a condition without which many offers will escape you. Also, it is important to be diplomatic and to know how to keep calm and cool under all circumstances, as clients and visitors are not always respectful and patient with the reception staff. As you can see, becoming a hostess is not the most complicated. However, qualifications and skills are still good assets to hold the attention of recruiters in order to be called for a job interview.

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