What do I have to do to become a social worker?

The social worker, also known as a social work assistant, is a job that requires a taste for contact, knowing how to keep a cool head in difficult situations. The assistant is a patient person who knows how to show empathy. Let's discover some useful information for those who want to become a social worker.

The different missions of the social worker

A social worker is a person who intervenes with individuals, couples or groups who have social, family or financial difficulties. His/her objective is to help them find lasting solutions adapted to their situation. These specialists are in direct contact with people in difficulty. They provide information about their rights to social benefits. The intervention of the social worker is multiple. He listens to his clients in order to detect the origins of the problems. During the interview, the social worker gives advice, proposes solutions and informs about social and medical rights, training or access to housing. The social worker also refers people in difficulty to specialised reception centres. He plays the role of mediator, supports and accompanies his clients in their efforts. In order to be closer to their clients, the social worker visits the homes of people in difficulty, provides neighbourhood consultations and exchanges with all the social workers. This professional knows the administrative rules, writes reports and manages files.

Qualities required to become a social worker

The gross monthly salary of a starting social worker is € 1500. This job can be very stressful as the worker deals with daily suffering and tries to advise people who are in great difficulty. To practice this job, it is important to have a sense of human contact. The counsellor must create a climate of trust so that his client can express his problem without fear. He must also maintain sufficient distance so that he does not apply himself personally to the cases he deals with. Becoming a social worker also requires patience and motivation. Indeed, some situations require a quick reaction and sometimes the completion of steps in record time.

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